Needless to say, healthy life is a desire of all people, regardless of race, nationality, age or gender. However, it is also true that as obstructive factor of health, there are unsolvable issues at the individual level like war, starvation or pollution. Therefore, we need to maintain individual daily healthy life with possible own capabilities. At the same time, we should know healthy life is obtained by improving of self-knowledge of health based on medicine and enhancing quality of life. All people have to realize that essential elements for health maintenance are enhancement of basic human life, which is main three elements, “diet”, “exercise”, and “sleep” (Physical) along with mental stability (Metaphysics). Also, those who have medical knowledge should recognize that they need to take responsibility for teaching the knowledge people around by having an ethical concept based on mutual cooperation. IATRISM clearly states to stand on above philosophy, educate many people for extending their knowledge, being with people as intellectual health and medical concept, and seek permanent tranquility and peace for people.

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